Invasive Species – Quagga and Zebra mussels

There is a very invasive pest contaminating our oceans, lakes and rivers. It attaches itself to boats and then uses that as a host to infest other waters. Of course, we are talking about Zebra and Quagga Mussels. This invasive mussel is a major problem because it chokes the life of other species in the water and can build up clogs in pipes and drains to restrict flow and cause very damaging problems. One way to help stop the spread of Zebra Mussels is to decontaminate any vessel that enters or leaves the water by spraying it down with a high pressure, high temperature (around 160 degrees) pressure washer and capturing all the wash water on a containment pad so it can be pumped to a secure holding tank and disposed of properly. US Hydrotech provides heavy duty pressure washers that are more than sufficient to meet the required temperature and pressure needed to remove these pests. We also provide the Porta-Pad. A portable wash pad system that is designed for just these purposes of keeping wash water contained and pumping it to a safe disposal area. Join US Hydrotech in the fight to take back our water from this invasive pest, because they do more bad than good!

First, pull your watercraft onto the Porta-Pad for decontamination inspection:

D cropped for Porta-Pad manual

Then, wash your boat and check the following areas for mussel infestation attachment:

Check your boat

It’s that easy!  For more information, go to





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