The Porta-Pad: Innovative, economic and sustainable solution to washing cars

Porta-Pad cropped

Washing vehicles and equipment sounds like a pretty simple process, right?  Water tuns on, rinse car off, soap on car, rinse car off.  No problem!  Let’s stop and think about this concept for a moment and go through it step by step.  First step: Water turns on – when rinsing your car, you make sure to get the whole car; paint, chrome plastic and even in all the nooks and cranny’s like wheel wells and tire rims.  What many people don’t realize is that every time this happens, more and more contaminants are being introduced into the ecosystem.  Heavy metals, oils and grease have proven to drastically effect ecosystems to the point where we as humans cannot consume the foods we love, such as fish.  The reason we can’t is because fish and other small animals who’s existence is being threatened by impurities are being contaminated and even worse, some of these contaminants, like copper, affect fish sensory receptors preventing them from protecting themselves as well as their ability to reproduce and therefore effectively  killing off the species.   That was just from step one.  Steps two, three and four repeat the process to the point to where the heavy metal and oil/grease loading are so drastic that we are starting to see first hand the effects of this on a large scale in our own backyard, the good o’l Bay Area.   We don’t have to be “doom and gloom” though, we can take action and claim back our favorite foods and past-times.  The Porta-Pad could be that answer.  The Porta-Pad is a proven simple way to wash cars, motorcycles, boats and outdoor equipment and contain the water used so it doesn’t go down the storm drain and into the waterways.   Here’s how it works: Simply drive your vehicle or piece of equipment up and over the patented ramps into the Porta-Pad.  While you wash, the water gets trapped on the Porta-Pad with nowhere to go.  When you’ve collected enough water, simply turn on the pump by activating the supplied timer to pump the water into a proper disposal drain such as a sanitary sewer clean-out much like your sink, dishwasher or clothes-washer drain.  After you’re done washing, simply drive the car out of the Porta-Pad and go on with your business.  By adding this simple step, you have dramatically improved the ecosystem and greatly reducing the contaminants around you.  Now think about if your neighbors did it?  Your community did it? Your State implemented it? Your Country?  One step in the right direction by one passionate person who wants to see rivers and streams safe for future generations can make a big difference.  Are you that one person?

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